Broken arm?

I jumped offsome playground equipment and landed on my arm there was some slight pressure but minor pain. throughout the day the pain gradually increased. now my wrist is killing me. I went to someone who usedto be a nurse and splinted it up for me.I have no money and my mum doesnt think im in as much pain as I sayim in. truth is likwe I said before it comes and kills then goes away.also sometimes it locks in place. Do you think I broke it or not? also if its just a sprain how lonfg should I keep the dressing on.

Answer #1

She was on the trampoline with another kid (I had told them sooo many times not too) he double bounced and she landed on her hand with her arm twisted. We only thought it was a sprain but she always has to prove me wrong lol. I always take the kids straight to the local hospital if there is something wrong though. Whats up with your mum not caring?

Answer #2

I get hurt a lot and sumtimes the pain and swelling will go away in a few days or more. I went to the doc and they gave me a longarm thumb spica cast. I think it is cool but annoying at the same time. It is orange. Any ideas on how to get my mom to believe me when I am in a lotta pain. THX

Answer #3

its important that you do go to a doctore now or very very soon. if it is broken it could heal diferently or in a bad possition. one that might even require surgery later on to fix. get to a doctor quickly so they can diagnose it and tell you how to get it better

Answer #4

Thanks ill tell my mom and see what happens. how did your daughter brake her arm.

Answer #5

My daughter broke her arm and we just thought it was a sprain because she could still move her fingers! We took her to the hospital and she had actually broken it in 2 diferent places. So you never know. Its best to get an xray anyway to make sure that if there are any bones broken they dont need operating on.

Answer #6

you should continuesly ice it or els it will get worse keep the dressing on for as long as you can and get it checked out asap there is most likly a free clinic in your aria

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