Is my hand fractured?

I was running full speed down my hall way and I turned to go into my room and I bashed my hand it off the side of the wall .. and it hurt.. And now my hand it swollen and it has a massive bruise that covers the side of my left hand on the right. Hmm, my mom knows about broken bones and sprains stuff but dont know if I have a fracture…I dont think its broken because I think id be in a lot more pain. This could be nothing but it sure feels like something. So many people that I know say, broken bones dont mean you cant move something, I can move my fingers but it makes the pain worse.. hahahaha I have attatched a picture of a hand I googled. LOL, and the blue marks where the bruise is, and the red, I guess is where I think it may be ‘fractured’.. I don’t know. I hope that helps? I feel stupid.

Answer #1

A fracture is just a medical term for break, so by saying you think you have fractured it but havn’t broken it doesnt make sense, because they are both the same thing. If you have fractured(broken) a bone, you may or may not be able to move your limb, you cant just assume that because you can move it, its not broken. Get it checked out, often you think you’ve just sprained something when you’ve actually broken it, as pain can vary, from minimal to severe. I’ve broken many bones, and some caused worse pain than others. Hope that helps!

Answer #2

hm ty.

Answer #3

Hm.. I don’t know as I’m a 15 year old girl, not a doctor.

I’d suggest going to the Emergency Room for xrays.

Answer #4

well can you move it? If you cant its fractured. I have had a fractured arm before I fractured my radious.

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