When will a Scaphoid Fracture show up?

I know they don’t always show up on initial xrays, but is it possible that a fractured scaphoid doesn’t show up 3 weeks later on xrays, even if it is fractured? Does a normal scaphoid have a dent at the middle on the side nearest the thumb?

I have all the symptoms of scaphoid fracture, and on initial xrays, the side of the scaphoid nearest the thumb and in the middle, looked like it had a chip out of it, with a very, very, very, very, very thin line across. Doctor said its likely its broken, so I got a cast, but I got the cast changed 4 days later, and another doctor looked at initial xrays and said it doesnt appear broken, so I dont know.

Answer #1


I’m not a doctor, so I really can’t give a professional medical opinion. I’d suggest you speak with both of your doctors and figure out what is really going on…

Answer #2

It is possible that you need to have an MRI to show up the fracture…my daughter’s scaphoid # did not show up on 2 sets of x-rays a week apart, but did on an MRI.

Answer #3

My daughter had a scaphoid fracture, and it never showed up on 2 sets of x-rays a week apart. Then she had an MRI scan and it showed up on that.

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