How to know if a bone is broken?

ummm…yeah, I punched a wall, and im not sure if its broken, I actually almost threw up when it happend, because it hurt so much, and now I can move it ok…I dont want to go to the hospital unless I know it is broken, because doctors will get pissed.its puffy and purple, help?

Answer #1

I’ve broken my arm before, didnt know it was broken, refused to go in for 4 days… You really cannot know unless you get it xrayed (mine wasn’t swollen and it didnt hurt that bad, it was just sore…) Well yeah they get pissed off if it’s SI (I personally think they need to be trained better!) but hey just tell them you were trying to punch someone else and you missed :)

Answer #2

your a dumbass leats all just punch walls when we get mad punching a wall dosent mean your a badass it means your a dumbass..if you really broke your hand 5 times in one year then you would know what a broken hand feels like and know it was broken or you wouldn’t want to do it again

Answer #3

hahaha oh yes. you should try going to a med-express type thing. they don’t know you there and its inexpensive

and bigmuma, she does not want a broken hand. why else would we be having this conversation?

Answer #4

rest and elevation. try that for a while, if it doesn’t work, then I’d go to the hospital. and trust me, I’m sure they’ve heard stories to piss them off even more.

Answer #5

ahaha I was going to say..hmm give it a couple more days and if it gets worse then you really need to go see a doctor (tell them it was an accident)

Answer #6

hm, then maybe ask your mom if you can try something new? let her know you’re not comfortable going where you do now.

Answer #7

ah I just commented one your other question, too.

hm, alright, well I don’t think its broken, probably just swollen. try a little ice on it.

Answer #8

It is really hard to know if a bone is broken without x-rays. I broke my ankle a few years ago and the doc commented on a previous fracture of my shin. as far as I had know I had never broken leg before.

If it is moving normally and it doesn’t have any physical deformities then you are probably alright. If you really want to know for sure then suck it up and go to the doctor.

P.S. Try some anger management classes,lol

Answer #9

lol wow its not cool to punch walls and then leave stuff trying to show off lol if you broke your hand 5 times in the past year then your a dumnbass and if you really broke it 5 times then you would know when you hit the wall that it is broken from past broken hands and if you punch and wall and break your hand and you almost throw up then that just takes away you trying to show off…dumbass

Answer #10

lies, tell me!

Answer #11

It sounds like you want a broken hand? Also unless you get an xray you wont know. Ok I dont think that cam out right. I mean that it sounds like you are trying to hurt yourself which is not good. If there is something you need to talk to someone about then find someone you trust completelly. Sometimes a stranger is good because they dont know you and you dont know them and theres no way your parents could be told about it. It feels better to get things of your chest sometimes. Im here if you need to chat. Sorry if it didnt come out right at the begining.

Answer #12

ugh, fine. like I’ve said, hurting yourself will just make things worse..

Answer #13

try an online medical website, you give them your symptoms and they’ll let you know what could be wrong

Answer #14

just wait a couple days, as long as the swelling goes down you should be fine

Answer #15

haha what does that mean?

Answer #16

good luck! let me know how it works out, okay?

Answer #17

yikes, well just don’t do anything to make it worse!

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