How do I get rid of stage fright?

how do I get rid of stage fright?

Answer #1

okay you just pretend that no one is watching ok cause I was scared too well… are you doing your first play cause when I did I was so scared so I just pretend no one is waching also for the past 7 years I been in 30 plays I have always got the lead roll

Answer #2

Stage Fright seem to be a difficult thing to get rid of. At times, it feels like its impossible to overcome. Its hard at first because its a kind of fear that started within us. I came across some useful articles from Check it out. Im sure you would benefit from it. Good Luck!

Answer #3

Don’t go on stage or before you going on stage, just scream really loudly but far away from the audience,until you wet urself laughing >.< I screamed, but I did’t pee myself, but I grew confidence, it works XD

Answer #4

well pratice alote then show 1 friend and gpo higher till10 friends togather then show someone like your boyfriend and then no more stage fright

Answer #5

same thing happens to me, you just have to let it out like your feelings and stuff. pretend no ones there and just have fun. Before I go on stage I have redbull, it actually really helps me loosen up. hope I helped!! ~danielle

Answer #6

I had that problem just pretend no one is there and your just practicinq . just stay focused dont look at anyone’ss expressiOns cuss that can cause frightness look straight acrossed [:

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