How do I kick stage fright, and not mumble?

Tomarrow in school I have to read outloud my letter to a teacher who is going to be deployed to Afghanistan. I have to read this in front of the whole entire school, so yeah I am very nervous. How do I kick stage fright so I don’t look like an idiot? And, I tend to mumble, even without knowing it, so how do I ‘not mumble’ haha? Help!!!

Answer #1

ask your best friends to sit right up front. You can look at them when you are feeling nervous for support. Good luck!


Answer #2

two of two ways you can act like everybody is a puppy

Answer #3

Know that everyone feels the same way having all the attention. Know that you are still the same girl you where before you walked up there. Know that there is no reason to be shy.

Answer #4

look at yourself in the mirror and read out loud your letter. you can also get your family together in the living room and read the letter out loud to them. a very old trick is imagine your audience in their undies!! lol :)

Answer #5

Play more gigs, work up from smaller crowds to larger ones. It’s just something you’re going to have to face and drum up the confidence, if you think you can perform, go do it. If you fail, forget it and try again. We all have some turkey gigs.

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