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How do I deal with an overprotective boyfriend?

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Soo I have this really over protective boyfriend. We have been together for two years and I love him to death! However, im really tired of everyday him asking me..."did you talk to any boys today?" and when I say yes he gets mad. I keep telling him if he doesnt stop being this gone. But he says, "if you really loved me you wouldnt be trying to change me, you should love me the way I am" okay I do love him the way he is!! But ceratin things really do aggravate me!! Id like to be able to do talk to my guy friends and do things with my girls without him questioning me!!! hes says he acts this way bc im soo beautiful and hes afraid of losing me but im faitful and with him!! So I wash he would just stop!! I don't know what to do =( can some one please give me some advice?!?!