How do I help my ex-boyfriend deal with his jealous man?

Ok here it goes my Ex-boyfriend has a boyfriend that doesnt trust him if he comes home with a mark on his neck his boyfriend argues with him a lot and he trys to tell him that he was drunk and didnt know what was happening and his boyfriend stills gets mad and my Ex-boyfriend feels like killing himself and has bad thoughts and he really doesnt know what to do what advice can I tell him or how can I be there for him I just dont know what to do I try to make him laugh and be happy but I dont really think it seems to work and I barely found this out yesterday and I have a lot of feelings for this guy I mean I was in love with him

Answer #1

Tell your ex to get counseling. That if he’s TRULY considering killing himself, that he needs intense therapy. Or he needs to see a doctor because there are pills he can take to help get those thoughts out of his head. Other than that, just talk to him and try to help him through it.

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