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so me and this kid were commenting each other on myspace and a few days later my boyfriend sends me a message saying so.. who is the guy you are cheating on me with? and me and this guy barely know each other and have never seen each other before. Then hes like well a lot of people have been telling me you are. I barely know this guy. I just started talking to him. and plus I didnt say anything that would even think I’m cheating on my boyfriend. whats up..? is he just jealous? or is he just getting sick of me?

Answer #1

I think he just jealous. If he thinks your cheating on him with someone on myspace then he seriously needs to think about what he’s saying.

Answer #2

he’s jelous… way too jelous

Answer #3

He is jealous and being a little to over protective… he needs to trust you…

Answer #4

I think he is jealous and it is probably also part of insecurity ..

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