My Boyfriend too overprotective

Hi, my boyfriend is too overprotective, I mean I dont go out with friends and he doesnt even take me out for dinner, the only time we spend time together is in bed at his place, he doesnt want me to have male friend while he has dozens of female friends and the most thing that makes me angry is that he checks my mail all the time and chooses what I must and musnt do.

Answer #1

Talk to him about it and show it’s bothering you I mean he wouldn’t like it if you done the same to him, say you can deal with it yourself if something does happen but for now everythings fine, I’m sure he’ll understand soon if not straight away.

Answer #2

sweetheart take it from someone who has been in this position (me) you should really consider getting out of this relationship. I would say just talk to him about it, but lets face the facts here,this guy is controlling everything you do pretty much, so talking to him is only going to do so much, if nothing at all. I definitely recommend getting out before it becomes to hard to and by that time who knows what this guy will have done to you.

Answer #3

He is controlling and you should get out of that relationship because its going to get worse. Youre going to want to start hanging out with your friends and hes not going to let you. Eventually, hes going to start abusing you and making you feel as if no one else wants you. As much as you MAY love this guy, you should get out while you have a chance.Havent you watched talk shows where the guy controls the woman? You dont want to be in that situation.

Answer #4

get out the realtionship because its gonna lead towards him beating u… a realationship like that is not healthy AT ALL!!!

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