How do I deal with a crazy ex boyfriend ?

So in febuary I broke up with him after a year and 3 months. He moved to boston and it wasnt working. So like bout a week ago I started moving on. And he found out and now he wants to fight this kid because I like him. Its embrasing! He then tells me that he cheated on me with 6 different girls! And then get this he is calling me a “slut”. I tell him all the time to leave me alone and get out of my life and to not talk to me but he insits to keep contacting me and were both 16. How the hell do I move on if I have a crazy phsyco ex boyfriend up my ass calling me a slut? What do I do? I need help..

Answer #1

Dont reply nomatter what he says dont reply dont even think about it he will get you dont care and he should give up :D xx

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