How - do girls live longer than guys?

Do females live longer than males?

I was just curious because I've heard that it's true...

Is it?

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My opinion regarding it is because there are more men and if you have a higher population of people or animal then you tend to get more illnesses and birth defects among them.

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I've heard that it's true.
My professor has a theory that women live longer because of the fact that we have children.
He thinks that, when a woman becomes pregnant, her body automatically does healthier things. It uses nutrients more efficiently and uses everything to the max.
I don't know if it's true, but it's an interesting concept.

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yes, but there are also more men born than women

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Yes, it is true in general.

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One major reason is that they take more risks e.g. more likely to ride a motorcycle, join the forces and go to war, get into fights, climb trees or on rooves as kids. Of approximamtely 90 guys in my year at school, 2 were killed in accidents whilst at school, and one more about 3 months after leaving. All the girls survived.

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