What do guys think about girls on their Periods?

ok this is a quetion for the guys? what do you think about periods? Do you think they are natural or gross? would you ever go down on a girl wile she is on her period? Do you put up with the mood swings and complaining or just ignore them? Just a question What you Think

Answer #1

Is all natural but…ewww going down on a girl while on her period??? Why would you even put those thoughts in your brain? and now my brain!! I think the main pet peeve for me is when a girl leave their used tampons and used pads all bloody in the trash can like on top of the trash!!

Answer #2

natural, yes and have done and mood swings are kinky cus she’ll always wanna make it up to you later ;)

Answer #3

I think that when guys hear the word “Period” they think “EWWWWW”and wanna laugh about it but it is natural and everywoman has it:)

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