Why do girls that get on birthcontrol, have longer periods?

So, my aunts been on birthcontrol, and so have a few of my friends.

when they started on birthcontrol, their periods would last for up to two weeks, without stopping.

I want on birth control.. but I dont want messed up periods..

why does it make you have longer periods?

Answer #1

that doesnt sound normal at all bith control is meant to shorten your period if its long, and make it more regular and make you have less pain it shouldnt make it any longer it may be the particular type or birth control there on though that does that as a ide effect talk to your doctor about the side effects of the pill before you go on one

Answer #2

not eveyone is alike. not everyones body is the same. some people have longer periods and some have shorter periods some don’t even have periods. so if you get on birht control you make have the same side effects or they might be different. either way it is up to you.you decide which birth control you want to use.

Answer #3

birth control works differently for everyone talk to your doctor before using it

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