Can girls really get pregnant from swimming in a lake after a guy got his sperm in it?

if a guy randomly came in a lake and a girl was just swimming can she get pregnant and not know it?

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Sperm can not survive in water for more than a few seconds. So it is highly unlikely to happen.

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i dont think so. sperm DO die.
and if it wer possible, the chances of that happening are slim to none

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yeah its possible but it can happen like one in a billion I guess.

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Sperm can last up to 3 hours outside of the body,but can only last a few seconds in water; there is no possible way for anyone to get pregnant. It's just another silly myth.

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I've heard a lot of different opinions on this subject, following the supposed impregnation of a young girl in a hotel pool a few years ago. (She fell pregnant and blamed it on the water in the pool, of which she suspected had semen in it). I'm pretty sure it's like a next to zero chance. I've heard that sperm can live like 4 hours or something, but floating around a lake/pool? I wouldn't think it could stay fertile for that long in those conditions... let alone actually find it's way up to an egg. I'm not 100% positive, but I'd say the chances were very close to nothing, if any chance at all.

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If someone can win the lottery, and be struck by lightning out of the clear sky and survive, all on the same day... then yes they can also be pregnant from swimming in a lake or pool.

(Though the probabilities are better for the lottery and lightning story. )

If anyone told me that they'd gotten prego that way, I'd recommend them to see a shrink.

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The answer is NO, the only way you can get pregnant is through unprotected intercourse. Any other way where it's not direct relationship, isn't possible.

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