guys have a harder time than girls holding their urine?

Do guys really have a harder time than girls when it comes to holding their urine? I can hold it for at least 8 hours, thanks to school. but I jw

Answer #1

In general men can hold it longer. Men have larger bladders because more of their equipment is outside of the body. Women have more of their plumbing inside so to make room they have smaller bladders.

Answer #2

If it’s really urgent,not more than six hours.

Answer #3

If it’s really urgent,not more than six hours.

Answer #4

A boy can wrap an elastic band around his private bit to prevent peeing for a long time, to make it less painful, wrap a handcherchief around first and then put the elastic band around that. Drink as much as you can to fill up your bladder. After an hour or so, remove the band to allow some blood flow, for a few minutes, you might have to hold on in otherways for a few minutes, then replace the elastic band.

Do this for as long as you can stand, and after a few sessions of doing this, your bladder will have stretched and you will be able to hold on for ages without any of these tricks. Girls will end up just wetting their knickers if they have a ‘who can hold it the longest competition’ with you as it is just not possible for a girl to train their bladder like this.

This method is a bit painful, but as it’s impossible to pee, your bladder has no choice but to stretch. Dont over do it at 1st, build up gradually, you will soon have bladder to outwait any girl

Answer #5

noo guys(well atleast me) can hold it for a day or two if they really had too my mom was baysitting this kid for like a month and the first week he got really bloated and started having cramps and we took him to the emergency room and they said he just had to go to the bathroom really bad and his reply was out toilet was scarry and he only like to go at his house

Answer #6

I think so…I’m pretty sure I can hold longer than 8 hrs also b/c of school I hate public restrooms an the chicks in my school are gross It’s too nasty to say what gross things are in the girl’s bathroom…so I think it’s true. Isn’t it harder for them to go pee as well? :)

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