what are some good healthy tips to be skinny

How come every celebrity is skinny. I want to b skinny.what are some good healthy tips to b skinny like celebrity’s ? oh, and how do you lose thigh fat ?

Answer #1

How come every celebrity is skinny.

Because it is their JOB to LOOK GOOD and take care of themselves. I.e. they have probably about 40 good hours a week to exercise, eat healthy and obsess about their looks.

My boyfriends sister is a professional model and she looks good because she works on her body permanently. For the rest of use being healthy is the option we should follow, not being skinny like celebrities

Furthermore skinny doesn’t really look good, men don’t like skinny girls and I personally feel that a healthy woman looks a lot better than some sort of skeleton walking around.

I want to b skinny.what are some good healthy tips to b skinny like celebrity’s ? oh, and how do you lose thigh fat ?

The best way to lose weight is to eat 6-8 small meals a day and to exercise regularly. That is the only way. I am currently losing weight (for health reasons - I am not really overweight so I only need to lose about 10 pounds - 5 kg’s) and have just lost 6.6 pounds in 2 weeks by eating more regularly and healthier foods and enjoying my exercise.

Please don’t starve yourself, it is dangerous and the long term side effects can be really dangerous.

Answer #2

you can only try and eat healthily and exercise regularly.. as long as you do that, it doesn’t matter what your shape or size is (in my opinion).. besides, if you look at them all, they’ve all got tiny bones, tiny frames and structures.. I think that as long as you’re healthy and you feel healthy, it doesn’t really matter how big you are and besides, they’re all beautiful yes, but women are about being sexy and having curves.. you can’t very well do that if you’re as skinny as they are! and if you wanna loose thigh fat, join a gym and a personal trainer goes through all the machines and what’s best for each area etc. if you’re healthy and you feel good about yourself then you’re just as beautiful, even more so than they are because it’s all about curves and confidence in my opinion! hehe :)x

Answer #3

No you dont wanna be thin like a celeb honestly babe trust, you feel like shit, not as in health but when you look at your self youl hate it! Im so skinny and I cant do anything about it, im naturally stick thin :/ it’s horrible… Im going doctors monday to see about shakes and an eating programe to help me gain it… It’s the worst!

Answer #4

Cycling helps tone thighs not sure about losing fat tough you would have to lose fat off your hole body to lose the fat . And half the pictures you see of celebs in magazines are airbrushed to look better and thinner so I wouldn’t use any of those as role models because its just not possible to look that good. As luvlyleonie said just be healthy !! Xo:)

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