cat or dog?

what would you prefer as a pet…

cat or dog? =)

Answer #1

dogs are more lovable

Answer #2

While all animals are equally precious, I’m more of a cat person…I like their independence :)

Answer #3

Neither. Parrot. They live longer and can tell you they love you. :D

Answer #4

A dog!

Answer #5

I have both :D

Answer #6

Dog :)

Answer #7


Answer #8


Answer #9

Cats, I had dogs, but I’m a cat person. I love their company.

Answer #10

We’ve always had dogs so I have to say them :)

Answer #11

Dogs… cats to independent for me.

Answer #12

Haha, the man makes a good point… I’m more of a dog person and yet I have a few cats, lol.

Answer #13

I like them both for different reasons.And cats are really loveable and you cn tell if they love you. Like my at hates my bro so when he comes in theroom she runs off lol.But dogs are funny and playful..

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