How can I truely believe in god and heaven?

I’ve been having trouble believing in heaven and god lately. I’ve been a catholic and have gone to church and sunday school my whole life. But my faith in him is slowly going away. How can I believe in him if im not even sure if he believes in me.

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I would advise you to purschase this book called Steps to Christ by Ellen G White. Before you even think of giving up on Him just get a hold of this book and I guarantee u, your life will never be the same. This book makes christianity easier to understand and more practical to our daily lives. once again try it out!!!

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I would have avoided a lot of grief in life had I trusted that old grade school adage: believe half of what you read and none of what you hear.

I was not the first in my family to recant. Hang in there, history is full of a lot of legends and myths.

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O I love you! you are searching for Him! asking the tough questions but this is up to you what I say or anyone else won’t change it. But I am just so happy that you feel this desire! Do you believe in Satan? Do you believe in Love? Satan = Evil God = Love Love= God What is good is of God/Love. What is bad is of Satan/Evil. I can’t answer for you how for you to truly believe in God and Heaven, but something is in the way of you hearing God speak to you. I have been where you are for well all of my life except for a few months ago. I don’t know what happened people say to read the Bible and pray. But pray for what? To believe in God? God won’t make you believe. So you pray for a sign for him to reveal himself to you cause than you will believe. But if your not sure about God than no sign will convince you, you may not even notice a sign. God wants to speak to you but something is in the way. I have heard and felt God comforting me and with me it is the greatest happiness at times and times in my deepest depression He is the greatest peace,but when I don’t this is sometimes what I do I pray for myself. If I can’t hear God I can’t know what he is saying to me. So I pray for Satan to get away from me I pray and tell God that I give him full control and I try to let go of my control of myself like if there is something in the back of my mind or distractions I try to be in a quiet place where I can just lie down and I give God permission to fight Satan away from me. This is my choice to choose to let God or Satan influence me. Your question is hard and everyone will have their own opinion on this. Just remember God knows your heart and He loves you He also knows what it feels to be human and feel alone. O and if you want read Walking with God by John Eldridge along with the Bible of course. I hope you are not discouraged I will pray for you =). and by the way this is only my opinion I hope I have not offended you or anyone else I am just sharing my own personal thing.

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I would suggest you search for answers, and find what seems right and normal. IMO, it is better base your life on logic and facts rather than mysticism and superstition.

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How can I truely believe in god and heaven?

Read the Bible.

“ faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

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if you have to ask this question then you don’t really belive your a bit like me I belive but I don’t think he is lisoning sometimes if you don’t truly belive then you can’t make yourself

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hey,theres a lot of people with your problem,but I dont think that there is something a person can say that can make you believe in god,I guess that faith is something a person has or dosent have,I know this isnt that helpful but I hope that it helped

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Just remember we were created by something all powerful,almighty where the word beginning began,and if you think about it, all of the life form’s and earth itself began some 6000 years. ago”not million’s of years. ago”per. the Holy Bible,interesting uh.So you know something had to create everything you see and know,first is,1.Read the Holy Bible.2.Believe in Jesus.3.And are Father will come next. A Light Bearer,Robert.

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God loves you and believes in you way more than you can even imagine. Look in your heart and try to see things from God’s perspective. He is beyond going to sunday school and church; He is beyond religion and any way we (as people) try to understand Him and His ways. I’m not discouraging church or anything, but know the differnce between God’s word and ours. Your precious in His eyes, you dont have to doubt that.

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I find it funny how Christian members who say they believe in God and bring the Lord into discussion on this site cannot even be bother to use capital letters when they type the generic pronouns when addressing Him, He, God in their sentences. :)

Only you can make a decision whether you want God in your life or not and whether you think He believes in you. People can give you suggestions as too how to find God again but at the end of the day, you are the one who needs to make the decision. God will always wait for you no matter what and I’m sure He finds great delight when one of his lost children comes back to him.

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im smart, jk :P

Yes you know how to copy and paste…

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Read the Bible. If you don’t have His word in you, you could easily be swayed from your faith.

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of course he does! lol. we’re talking about God here. just pray and ask Him what he wants you to do in you’re life. read your bible. listen to testimonies.

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