Does wiccans believe in heaven?

Do they believe in the afterlife? ( for wiccan/pegan experts, no flamers!)

Answer #1

It does vary , but most Wiccans believe you go to the “Summerland” where you will await to be reborn. They believe that life is an endless cycle of birth, death, rebirth (as seen in the seasons). It is the turning of the wheel.

Answer #2

I’m Wiccan but no expert… you really can be a Wiccan ‘expert’

There are 3 planes in Wicca; earth, Sanctuary and Summerland. Wiccas believe that when you die, you go to Summerland, the Wiccan heaven, where they rest until they are reincarnated to started the wheel of life again. Sanctuary is the place between Summerland and earth and you can visit it by meditating. ^^

Answer #3

it varys from person to person some i for 1 believe you go to the summerlands to wait to be reborn if your wiccan the question is what do u believe

Answer #4

I am Wiccan, have been for a while now :S That’s what most Wiccas think :P

Answer #5

I’m a pagan & have been practicing going on 9 years. Personally I believe in reincarnation, how the process goes is unknown to me. Though most wiccans believe in reincarnation & the summerlands of a place to rest before being reincarnated again, etc. As for heaven, I can’t say I ran into one yet that does. There are those who claim to be a Christian Wiccan, though I don’t find that combination of faith consecutive in any manner, it’s an oxymoron. But getting back to your question before I go into elaboration on my thought, a lot of the ones I met claim to believe in reincarnation.

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