How can I tell my Mom I want a cat?

Well , where I live their are tons of cats. and I love them all. some are orange and white and I just cant resist touching them . and my mom ALWAYS gets mad when I touch them she tells me she hates them because THEY THROW HAIR! and I tell her well isnt there a vaccine they can get. seh just doesnt like them she likes poodles. but I like cats how can I tell her I want one?

Answer #1

Lol, cats actually dont spit up hairballs that often, and there are foods you can feed it to reduce that, also regular grooming will prevent this… Cats use the litterbox, dogs need to be walked and trained, you just need to put out dry food and water, for a cat and they’ll be fine… they are very low maintenance (compared to dogs…) also you can leave a cat alone for a day no problem, cant do that with a poodle…

I think if you come up with a pro list for cats, con list for dogs, assure her you will take care of the cat, let her know you know exactly what taking care of it means… cut its nails twice a month, brush it a couple of times a week, change the litter box everyday, make sure it has food and change its water everyday,

a rational logical argument may get you somewhere

also feral cats do not make the best pets… I really would talk to people who’ve owned more cats and maybe they have more experience in this area, but from what I’ve heard it isnt the smartest thing to try an adopt a feral cat…

Answer #2

if you don’t want too many hairballs then don’t get a long-haired cat. get the regular short-haired sort. you can also give them stuff and groom them to reduce hairballs.

I have cats and I love them to bits. much less work than dogs. mine have a litter tray…I feed/water them daily…sometimes groom them…lots of cuddles and toys…I couldn’t imagine not having my babies.

Answer #3

It sounds to me that “hairballs” haven’t even occured to your mom…she’s talking about the hair that seems to float around cats…static electricity seems to make it float, then “attach” to the nearest person.

She likes poodles…and poo’s don’t shed AT ALL…that tells ya something right there…I think you might just have to wait till you’re on your own for a cat…some people simply don’t like cats, and in my experience, they aren’t very kind to them when they don’t like them.


Answer #4

well try asking a neighbor if you can try taking care of their cat for a week that way your mom can see how responcible you are and that you are ready to take on the rsponcibility of a cat.

Answer #5

if you want a cat leave lil hints and let her know that way that always works fa me and should work fa you

Answer #6

just say mum I want a cat

Answer #7

tell your mom you will take care of the cat an get every thing for it, she might say no, if she do beg her

Answer #8

get a kitten there cute and small how cud she resist

Answer #9

hmm that is probably true for most people, but my mum hated cats… but she loves mine now (she even spoilts her!)

Answer #10

Say “MOM, I WANT A CAT!!!”

Then threaten her if she wont let you [:

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