My mom cat wont stop hissing at her kittens.

About a year ago I got two cats, a male and a female. They ended up mating and having 4 kittens and now the kittens are about 7 months old. They only thing is the mom cat goes outside a lot more now, but everytime she comes home she hisses at her kittens and the older male cat and sometimes the people that live here. She use to love them up until a couple months ago. I just want to know why this has happened.

Thanks =).

Answer #1

They’re not her ‘kittens’ anymore.

At 7 months old, they’re independent, and mom just wants to be left alone.

Answer #2

You know what blacklvr27467? You seriously need to settle down.

Obviously all those cats are staying with her, or she wouldn’t still have 7 month old kittens living in her house …so instead of jumping all over people, just answer the question…if you don’t have an answer, then move on.

Answer #3

First of all I was wondering if the cats have been spayed or neutered yet? If not the problem is that her own kittens are adults now and coming into season. They are ready to breed.

Cats don’t really have attachments to adult kittens. Once they reach a certain age they really want them to move on to their own territory.

It would really be easier to answer if I knew if the cats had been fixed yet?

Answer #4

Well it’s a process that cats go threw when they kittens are older,the mother is trying to make her kittens independant she doesn’t want to hurt them it’s just part of growing up .After a while she will be nice to them again but she’ll always be nicer to her male kittens rather than her female kittens.

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