I want a cat!

Hey! I really want a pet cat, and my mum does too, but because we have had mishaps with pet dogs in the past, my dad doesn’t want anymore house pets (as in dogs or cats) I have a rabbit, she is mine and only I look after her, and we have two fish tanks as well that I clean and feed and stuff, but my dad just doesn’t want a cat

can someone help with some advice that can convince him?

Answer #1

first, tell him to look at dogs vs. cats.dogs are much more mischevious than cats. cats are independent, and tell him that you could get an adult cat from the humane society that is already litterbox trained. tell him how you take care of the other animals in the household, and assure him that a cat would be no different. good luck!

Answer #2

well for starters I would like to introduce my self I am laura and I have just rescued a cat as she was being mistreated if you could some how convince your dad well this cat is pregnant and ready to have her kittens so maybe in 9 or 10 weeks they should be ready for homeing oviously dependig on were you live maybe you woud except one if you could get back to me I would be very great full many thanks.

Answer #3

You already prove him right with the dogs and more then likely you will do the same with the cats.

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