When to stop dressing my kids up for Halloween?

When is a good time for me to stop dressing my kids up for halloween? Do they get over the dressing part up or trick or treating? But at what age?

Answer #1

I kinda wish I was still a kid again just so I could dress up and get free candy!

Answer #2

I stopped Trick-or-Treating when I was about 11, so around the early teenage years they don’t really want to dress up or if they do, they want to go with friends. So… yeah that’s pretty much it!!

Hope I helped!!!— -[-_-]- –LiBeRtY

Answer #3

yea I think that kids just decide for themselves when they want to stop dressing up. usually happens around teen years when everything is “embarrassing” lol. thats what happend to me… until I got to college and man o man, halloween is an entirely different and mind blowing thing lol. its become my favorite holliday :]

Answer #4

Well I always dress up for halloween. But kids usually stop by the age of 13.

Answer #5

I dont think theres relly an age unless they doont want to go anymore

Answer #6

they choose

Answer #7

let them stop when they want to. when they’re too old for it, they’ll know.

Answer #8

I think your kids will naturally grow-up and will just tell you they dont want to do it anymore

Answer #9

I stopped trick or treating many many years ago but still enjoy dressing up for Halloween. . .

Answer #10

I stopped this year and I was 13 but then you can go to like halloween parties that are for older people but dont really go trick or treating. parents are an exception.

Answer #11

I think you should let them decide…most stop around 13 or 14 some never stop and some stop younger than that

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