How can I know if im a virgin or not?

My boyfriend told me that im not vergion.I asked him how do you know…he asnwered that bu puting my finger in…so..other than going to doctor how should I know that im vergion or not?? By the way I had sex only from back…:(

Answer #1

do you mean butt sex, or doggy style, because either one is losing virginity, losing virginity is when the male penis goes into the female(mouth,butt,vagina). so if you have ever had sex you are no longer a virgin even if your on BC(BTW if your not and your sexually active then get some) or condoms, quite a bit of people make these mistakes and thinking these all are not sex but foreplay.

Answer #2

you loose your virginity when a male penis enters your vaginat I doesnt matter what else goes up there if its not male penis you didnt loose your virginity

Answer #3

losing your virginity is NOT having anal sex, thats just something some weird straight or bi/gay people find pleasurable. Losing your virginity is the insertion of the penis into the vagina. End of. you either have done this or havent. Its not rocket science

Answer #4

You’ have lost your virginity already then.

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