Im I still Virgin?

If He just Put His Head (of his penis) in my vagina, Does that mean im not a virgin? If We had anal sex does that mean im officially not a virgin?

Answer #1

what? penetration? does that mean that even if her vagina and penis TOUCHED but his dick didn’t go IN her, does that mean she’s not a virgin anymore???

Answer #2

I think the act is more meaningful to your entire life than worrying about a label. You know whats happened - does it matter if you are officially a virgin.

Answer #3

even if he didn’t go all the way in your vagina, you had anal sex, which is still sexual intercourse. so once again, you’re not a virgin.

Answer #4

If he put it in, even just a little, it’s still penetration and it means you are not a virgin.

Answer #5

Touching and penetrating are two different things.

Answer #6

no, you’re not.

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