How do I know that am still virgin or when do I know?

How do I know tthat iam still virgin baecause when I was a little girl I did sex with my boy friend but I was 8 years old and it did hurt me but now iam 16 and I dont know because still hurt me

Answer #1

plane and simple once your penetrated your no loner a virgin

Answer #2

did you really have sex at 8???

Answer #3

As soon as you have sexual intercourse, you’re no longer a virgin. I don’t know how possible it is to have sex with an eight year old…but I guess if you were penetrated, you haven’t really been a virgin since. Since you say that you’re not sure if you’re a virgin because it still hurts when you have sex, I’m assuming you’re having sex now so you aren’t a virgin anymore, regardless of having sex at the age of eight. Sometimes sex is painful for virgins, sometimes it isn’t and just because sex may still be a little painful, it doesn’t mean you’re a virgin until it isn’t painful.

Answer #4

I don’t think you’re a virgin.

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