What do I do when I get so horny but im still a virgin???

I dont want to have sex no time soon and it hard thinkin about it knowing that I want to but im just not sure if I really want to ..I watch porn sometimes just to stop thinking about do ing it but …and suggestions…

Answer #1

masturbate. watch porn. look at porn pictures. have phone sex.

Answer #2

rub your clitoris

Answer #3

you cant miss something that you’ve never had… its just a path of sin. one thing leads into another and you will realize that the older you get.

dont watch porn, phone sex and all that other stuff, that will just fuel the fire, over time porn will make you just want the real thing…

be special. ask anyone in the word that has had sex, they wish they could go back to being a virgin!

ill be praying for you God bless.

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