How can i get this to stay in my head for my science exam?

I've got my first science exam a week after half term, and nothing is staying in my head. It's an exam on electricity, atoms, acids, alkilis, things like that.. I don't even know what a alkili or half of those things are! I do revise and pay attention in class, but nothing stays in my head. I've used revision books, websites, extra revision classes and nothing is working! It's because I don't like science.. if it was drama or something it would stick in my head for ages, but it's science. This exam counts for 20% of my final gcse grade and I need to do well in this, because of all the jobs I might like to go onto that I can actually acheive you have to have a good gcse in science.

Can anyone tell me what an alkili, atom and compound is? What are some facts I will have to know for the exams (it's multiple choice) and how can I get everything to stick in my head for the exam??


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Well, I can't really help you with the answers because I don't know them, BUT I can in fact help you learn them better. Try getting some index cards. I get the colorful ones and glue some gems to them, and also write the answer in my fav color markers. It may seem weird but it really works. See, since im really girly, I have to have some girlyness in everything that I do. So try adding things you like and just keep reading them everyday. I even write cute little songs and remember them. Like using the tone of other songs. :]
- Advice girl. <3

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I never liked chemistry. :S and it had no use in the course I took back in college. Anyhoo...

Are you having problems memorizing or understanding the concepts?

For memorizing, it helps to repeat, repeat, repeat. Aloud.

For understanding concepts, what I do is I read first, then write in shorthand what I understand, say aloud what I understand based on memory, and solve lots of practice problems (if any). It also helps if you can associate a concept with practical things.

Also, dont be stressed. You're prepared, you have time to review, you can do it :-)

Good luck.

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