what happens if you arent at school for an exam,do you get to retakeit?

I have a maths exam at school on tuesday, but because of the curcumstances with my mum we are going on a religous holiday to lourdes and I will be missing the exam, does anybody know what will happen? will they just fail me or will they let me take it when im back?? please tell me people:) thank you p.s. I live in england if that makes a difference

Answer #1

not at my school. in mine you suck it up or fail

Answer #2

Ask your school, but they’ll probably have to ask the exam board.

Answer #3

in my place, IF we schedule an absence on a set exam, we need to file an absence notification to the head and have it approved. if our absence is approved, we can get a makeup exam. otherwise, we fail that exam.

suggest you talk to your school head/admin/professor about this.

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