How can I get rid of stretch marks? im 16!?

Im 16 and in the past few months I have gotten stretch marks on my boobs im skinny and small but my boobs are 32DD I think my sudden boob growth was due to the pill, but im just wondering if theres anything anyone has used that gets rid of them or anything you can do? thanks :) x

Answer #1

Stretch marks are caused from quick growth of a body part. You can use cocoa butter lotion or Bio-Oil. I think the best cocoa butter products are actually lotions that pregnant women use on they’re stomach. It has more moisturizers in because they need to increase the elasticity of they’re skin so it’ll stretch without getting scarred. I’ve used it before too. It worked for me.

Answer #2

my mother used cocoa butter for her stretch marks. it worked for her but I think it depends on the type of skin.

Answer #3

thankyou :) do you know which is best becuase I have them both? :)

Answer #4

im sorry to tell you that they never go away, they can only fade. Use Bio-oil or cocoa butter.

Answer #5

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