How to get rid of my stretch marks?

hi I relly need help on how to get rid of my strech marks around my bum and thighs please help fanx x0x

Answer #1

You don’t have to be fat to have stretchmarks many people get them whether there overweight or underweight it doesn’t really matter. I know overweight people and they have none at all and I know skinny people who have them! But try using over the counter scar treatments like palmers cocoa butter and bio oil.

Good luck!

Answer #2

try using mederma, its a scar medicine. I had stretch marks on my boobs and im only 15, they went away after a month or so of using it.

Answer #3

If your stretch marks are still red and you lose weight they will go away but if they have turned white already there pretty much with you for the rest of your life

Answer #4

White stretch marks are yours for life. Pink strtch marks can be reduced with lasers. Cosmetic surgery can sometimes get rid of them.

HOWEVER, a guy that is interested in you is not going to mind some stretch marks.

Answer #5

Theres really no way to get them to go away fully. Laser removal is your best bet, But Cocoa Butter Can be bought at your local pharmacy,And it will reduce them. I’ve Heard Vaseline May Help, Along with Any Scar Removal ointments.

Good Luck ;]

Answer #6

o just have some good sex

Answer #7

u could try losing weight!! im seriously not trying 2 be rude but thats the only thing I can think of!!

Answer #8

nice creams reduce it

Answer #9

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