How do you get rid of stretch marks?

How do you get rid of stretch marks I only have them on my butt very light but when the sun hits it they look bad especially right underneath my butt it really puts me down

Answer #1

if they are white I dont think you can do anything about them and tanning or whatever makes them stand out more if you have bright red stretch marks you can put like coco butter on them good luck :)

Answer #2

you can use strech mark cream, pregnant women use it after they have given birth… its said to work!! have a go at it … it can’t hurt !!

Answer #3

stretch marks don’t go away. They’re caused by your body growing, your skin stretching itself from weight gain or height gain. I’m 6’4’’ tall and I have stretch marks all over my body from gaining muscle mass too quickly and from having so many growth spurts. Just don’t focus on them. They aren’t ugly… and most people don’t care about them. :)

Answer #4

You can use Vic’s Vapor rub on them with a wash cloth, make sure you rub it in very well.


Answer #5

I didnt mean they go away but it does help I did it when I had my son

Answer #6

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