How Do You Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

ummm… this is kinda ackward. I really wanna know how you get rid of stretch marks? I have light stretch marks on my thighs, waist, and legs. I feel like im not attractive, with these marks on me;]]

Answer #1

I guess it’s the same thing these people told me asaphelp!!…hope datt works good luck :)

Answer #2

I feel the same :] its ok though because there’s this really good stuff called bio oil!!! get some and try it out it works well x

Answer #3

How do I get rid of these strech marks on my arms

Answer #4

bio oil and coco butter help fade them and stop them from growing bigger. but they will never go away. they will fade to a light color but there is no miracle cream that removes them. they aslo have water proof make up called derma fx. it is pricey but works really good.

Answer #5

well…I’ve bin using it for about a month…I have severe stretch marks on the side of my upper thighs..I’ve seen a sum what improvement..u have 2 use it for at least 3 months to see GOOD results. Since im “dark skinned”, I find that my stretch marks are really light and the show A LOT so I think it will take a while for me to see the after math.. They sell it at walmart (that’s where I got mine) for about $12..all depends on what size you get. I dont think they sell it at pharmacies bcus I went to the pharmacy in the walmart and asked if they have bio oil and they pointed me in some nexx direction to get it ALL the way to the make-up cosmetic isle…that’s where u’ll most likely find it. The smell of it is alright, the texture of it is just like baby and you really don’t have to use a lot, when I first used it I was putting sooo much on and then 1 week later it was practically empty..but good thing I got 2 Hope I helped you out on the little information I knoe. GOOD LUCK! :)

oh yehh..and it will leave your skin sooo soft!!

Answer #6

click the link below for more information about stretch marks: what causes them, ways to get rid of them, and prevent them

Answer #7

If you want to know the following: why you get stretch marks how to prevent stretch marks stretch marks and body building laser treatment and surgery weight change pregnancy teens how to improve your stretch marks go to the following link:

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