Stretch marks quick and easy ways to get rid them?

I recently lost weight and am trying to get rid of imbarassing stretchmarks. What are quick and easy ways to get rid of them?

Answer #1

Vitimin E tablets are good. Also, a vitimin E oil, applied directly to the skin works a little too. Unfortunately the only real thing that will help them is time. They’ll fade; it just takes a while.

Answer #2

I don’t know…I guess you could try Bio-oil and massaging the problem areas It actually works of what I’ve heard or just use other oils and remedies like Rosemary oil…They should do their part effectively in letting it fade gradully

If lotions well known for assisting in fading stretch marks don’t work.. then you could always sue the company for false advertising…

Ridiculous I know =] Sorry, but if this is of any help that would be Good in your case Either Good Luck though

Answer #3

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