What's going to happen to this guy if he gets reported to authorities?

This dude added my friend on Facebook & somehow got her number. He sends her dirty things even though everytimr he does she tells him that she’s in a relationship, to leave her alone, that he’s disgusting. She’s deleted his number & he knows it but he still sends her these messages. Like earlier. Him: hey Her: who’s this ? Him: omg I just cmmed. Her: WHOS THIS ? Him: a guy with a big cck Him: 13 inches

Then she stopped replying & he keeps calling her but she refuses to answer. Her parents know about this & they don’t know how to block numbers so her mom is going to report it to authorities. He’s also texted her several times with “I know what your doing.” he’s the same age as us, lives in the same city but just goes to a different school. She’s never met him in person either.

Answer #1

I think he will prolly go to juvie because this is verbal harrasment. He may have charges pressed against him. It’s also some form of sexual harrasment, and or cyber bullying.

Answer #2
  1. her cell phone company can tell her how to block sender
  2. I suspect this is some kind of sex crime against a minor (I assume your friend is a minor) and the sender would be in big trouble. So go to the police and report this.
Answer #3

a sperm whale playing scream characters , sounds like that

Answer #4

……… oh

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