Is it wrong for a teenager to enjoy spending time with their parent

Is it wrong for a teenager to enjoy spending time with their parents? Like, I have friends and I hang out with them sometimes but I still like to hang out with my dad and go to concerts with him and stuff. My parents are divorced too, so I only get to see him once a week. But I just hate all the weird looks I get from other teens hanging out in packs and I know some of them too. And I know most teens would rather jump in a hot soup than go to the mall with their mom or dad. Is this true? Am I immature for wanting to spend time with my parents? Is it wrong??

Answer #1

No, it isn’t wrong not to spend time with your parents. I don’t think its immature either. All children whether they be teenagers, or adults ECt, need to spend time with their parents. In fact, when I was a teenager, I spent a great deal with my parents. I would go places with both my mother and father. If you’re happy spending time with your mother and father, that’s great! I’m sure you love them allot regardless of their devorce. Don’t let people say stuff that get you going. You need to do what’s right for you! not for anyone else. You can spend as much time with your parents as much as you need too. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I don’t know where people get these ideas not to do that.

Answer #2

of course not! it just means that you have a great bond with your parents!

your one of the lucky ones like me.. just be thankful you get along


Answer #3

It’s good that you want to hang out with your parent and I’m sure they like it too.I don’t think it’s immature at all.You’re friend may not be around their parent because they don’t have a good relationship with them.But,you do enjoy it.

Answer #4

no I wish I wanted to spend time with my parents. well I do with my mom becuase I see her like once a year;; but if I’m with my dad for a long time, I get VERY annoyed.

sooo;; good job! :D

Answer #5

not its not wrong, a little weird, but not wrong. I personally don’t do it that often cause I know I’ll something up with my teenage mood swings, or I’ll slip some cuss words. and get smacked.

Answer #6

its perfectly fine :] my parents are divorced too.. and I only get to see my dad like once a year, so I love to hang out with him :]

Answer #7

NOOO it’s not wrong!!! I do the same thing and as crazy as it might sound…im pretty popular. I have teens who come up to me and say “Hey! I saw you at the beach with your mom!” and we start talking and soon We’re friends!!! I bet you hear this all the time but…people really respect confidence, so share some of it with the world by showing them!!! If you look closely you will see other teens doing the same thing. good luck :)

Answer #8

No it’s not wrong. I think teens should spend time with their parents. But that doesn’t happen much.

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