What to say when my 8 year old daughter says she has a boyfriend?

My daughter is only 8 years old. should I be worried about this? should I tell her its okay? should I tell her it is not okay?

Answer #1

When I was 7 a girl kissed me a school,,, I fell down scared to death and ran home. I told my mom that I had to get married because she kissed me.

If that’s a girlfriend then I guess I had one. When my sister was 6 she wanted to marry Michael Jackson and Mike Tyson. She had no idea what that meant. Just ask her questions,,, “What is a boyfriend?” stuff like that.

Answer #2

its probably nothing but when shes older she might think its okay to keep on having boyfriends.

Answer #3

bimjob had an excellent answer.

Ask questions find out what they are doing and invite them over. Now is the time to open the communication with her.

Answer #4

I agree with bimjob. Excellent answer.

She probably means that they are shyly holding hands when they think no one is looking. :)

Answer #5

She probobly just like him because his nice and they don’t really know what that means. they probobly will just hold hands and just sit toguther and meaby share a sandwhitch, is really nothing t worry about. But when she does get a little older explain to her when it is crossing the line e.c.t but right know is ok. I had my first boyfriend when I was 5!! HEH

Answer #6

An 8 yr. old who has a boyfriend usually means that they stand next to each other in line and maybe share a cookie at lunch. It should be fine. Your daughter is learning about socializing with her peers, and that’s a good thing. Ask her about him. And listen. Now is the time to establish that she can come and talk to you about her friends. She will learn that you are willing to listen. Maybe have her invite her boyfriend over for a play date so you can meet him. What you are doing is setting up a list of expectations in her mind of what is normal behavior with boyfriends - talking about them, having them meet you. Good Luck!! (Single Dad myself during their teen years.)

Answer #7

dude I wouldnt worry about it, like the first guy said its probly nothing I have this little cuzin how only 7 an she said she had a boyfriend. we basicly had a laugh with it because it cute and they think there grown. to be onist I would just follow the first guy message until they get to high school that when the real things start an even at that point I wouldnt worry still have a laugh with her then and dont be hard on her becuase it will come around an bite u trust me I see what girls act like in my high school when there dad is over protected, they think you over protected an just want to ruin there lifes so be easy now an be easy for the hole way with it, I dont mean let her do anything she want whn it comes to it, put some rules done but rules that are easly enough to see that there for her protection and is fair

this isnt to make you worry I dont mean that if I have im just saying have a laugh about it now an be nice to her about it because when the real thing happen it will pay off

if you dont understand me really all im saying is be nice, careing an thoughtful an in the futher she’ll do the same

Answer #8

Oh come on!! It’s no sweat! It’s basically just apart of her socializing with other gender and being fond to boys period! Plus even if so I wouldn’t worry because it’s so elementary. She might have heard about how relashionships with boyfriend and gfs start like at school,the park,etc and got curious. So let her have her fun. Don’t worry!!!

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