How and why was marijuana made illegal?

How and why was marijuana made illegal?

Answer #1

so corporations could make more money with weed in the way since you cant patent it it being legal people could grow their own medicine and corps didnt want that so they made up lies to prohibit it

Answer #2

ok .. the real reason it is illigal is the invention of the cotton gin. they at the time had to choose between cotton and hemp and because the cotton people had so much money they used that to influence congress to ban hemp (the male plant - the female plant is what buds). it was never even voted on just sliped though congress with out voter concent. and that is what I know.

Answer #3

they say it is a gate way drug,which means it make you move on to doing more harmful drugs. allot people that are hardcore stoners, their bodies build up to it. they smoke pot for the first time and fall in love. they romance about it when their at work, school all day. they just think this is the greatest they do it more and more. eventually, that high stops, they actually get with draw symptoms mentally. so they switch to other substance like alcohol, coke… ect.

for, those of you that say it is not addicting well, it is not for your body but it a mind drug. your mind gets addicted to it starts to rely on it, mentally you can yet it is rare for your body to get addicted.

personally, I think you can get addicted to anything if you abuse I. honestly don’t see anything wrong with pot, I just think the government can’t tax it. so they won’t allow others to sell it.


Answer #4

Because they can’t figure out a way to tax it.

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