is hitting spaking slapping considered chile abuse?

my parents say its ok. they are really old scbool mexicans ans where raised where all of that is dicipline. i kinda agree and disagree.when its slappiñg and spanking and just a little hit its ok. but when its bad bad its not ok. what are your thoughts

Answer #1

Spanking is not child abuse. While i dont agree with it, its not child abuse. There is never a reason to hit or slap a child though - never.

Answer #2

Although I don’t believe spanking is the proper way to discipline a child, it’s not considered child abuse. Hitting, and slapping, on the other hand, can be considered child abuse depending on the severity. For example, if a parent slaps their 5 year old on the hand because they wouldn’t stop touching things they were not supposed to touch, then that is okay. However, slapping a child in the face, punching, or hitting them…is NEVER okay.

Answer #3

slapping in the face? if so then yeah, lay off that. but spanking is okay if you do it just right, like not hard but not soft…just so ur kid knows not to do it again

Answer #4

I cant say I agree…I think disciplining a child should come from knowledge & explanation, being a child who was constantly abused by the belt when the hands ached, I just cant see any reason for it what so ever! :(

In fact I had to prevent it from happening to my brother as well so I got it even worse!

Discipline, as anything comes from experience…dont clean the room, no toys…no hw done…no going out to play! if you touch something hot, you risk pain…curiosity in kids will always be there…make sure they arent…if you are done ironing make sure you dont leave that damn iron there so curiosity wont make them want to touch that! (same with oven, stove top & heaters….) there is a reason why there are things called child proofing the home…so they cant have that tv fall on their head…or have the wet finger in the electric outlet… parents need to learn how to make sure their kids are safe…also by teaching them right from wrong…if you hurt someone, physically there are consequences..what is that child going to learn if you spank them? So ok, you got out some frustration, make you feel any better? Except causing that child to begin resenting you & testing your patience…which eventually lead to hating you & disrespecting you in the long run…that is all you will accomplish!

How do I know this…I have been there…I have felt that belt hit me with every strike…and that pain will never go away…so yeah years go by but that feeling never does…remember back to a time in your childhood, as I have mentioned once before…you getting hit, whipped or slapped by your legal guardians…(parents) How did that feel?! When they hit your hands…what was it that you whispered under your breath…just before they said: “Did you want to say something?!” And you barely said no…when you so wanted to yes, @sshole/B!tch…f*ck off you piece of sh!t…you wait…you just wait til I get older…& I will show you….when you need me the most is when I am going to get you back for this..!!!” (yet you keep silent!) How do I know…been there…remember…said that!

The next time, you get an idea of hitting as a form of discipline, remember this story! :(

Answer #5

Nooo not at all, Back then it was a an attention getter if you dont do something your parents tell you, you may get punished but as the years have passed parents have gotten easier on children

Answer #6

omg i got hit with the belt once. gawd it hurted

Answer #7

Me too i got hit with belt, wooden spoon,back scratcher, and vaccum sucker thing… i was a bad kid but i dont get hit any more

Answer #8

It’s not a matter of perspective. Child abuse is a crime, there are clearly outlined circumstances that constitute child abuse. It depends on what you mean by all that. If it is harmful for the child, it is abuse.

Answer #9

it’s a parent duty to raise their children.we as parent have to make tough decision some the child will like/not.i raised my daughter(15yrs)since she was a baby i pop her on the butt and hand till she was 4yrs then i began to take away toys etc till she was 11yrs.then i began to hit her with the belt o her butt till 13yr,let her go no-where for about 3-4 days,tv,phone she 15yrs old i don’t hit here no more i use other things to discipline her. the thing is that some kids need that kind of discipline. the first rule to disciplining is parent keep your cool.(i would send her to her room till i understood what,why she did have to not be out off control cause that’s when abuse comes in.most parent’s don’t take the time to cool down.keep this in mine 1)the situation


understand the situation before you move on(most people move from the reaction and skip the feelings.get to understand your child feelings and your own the react.

Answer #10

Not my mom, she spanks, slaps, and smacks me if I’m out of line lol

Answer #11

I wish that was the law, my mom has slapped me plenty of times before…

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