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Is this considered child abuse?

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My dad and I got in a really big fight and he called me a moron and stupid and ignorant and retarded and it made me upset and I cried a lot and told him that he needed to get a job since he didn't have one. He has warts on his feet and so he doesn't have a job. I proceeded to tell him that he could get a job sitting down somewhere. And that he'd be okay if he did that. So then he told me to fu** off and that I was a little spoiled as* bith. And then my mom told me to go get tennis shoes. So I did and she filled them with rocks and told me to walk around our circl of our subdivision four times. My shoes were so filled with rocks that she hsad to shove my feet in them. It hurt like he*. And me being stubborn as I am showeed no pain while walking and just kept going. After about 1 and a half times my sister came and found me and said they said I could come back.. when I got back my feet and heels and toes were all bleeding. My mom said she didn't realize it'd do that and started crying saying she was sorry and stuff. I was in shock and couldn't stop crying because who's parent does something that cruel? Its been two weeks now and there are still sores on the backs of my heels. And I'm just wondering what exactly you'd consider this? My parents verbally abuse me all the time but it doesn't bother me much I just block it out because all parents and kids argue.. but wasn't forcing me to walk on rocks? She said she wanted to teach me a lesson on how my dad felt walking everyday. Opinions?