What helps a cold go away fast?

I’ll do anything that helps!

Answer #1

Cold medicine, steam/vapor, drinking a lot of fluids, sore throat spray, cough drops, stay bundled up, getting rest and relaxing and that vix vapor rub stuff are some ways. I reccomend going to your doctor to get medicine that would specifically target what you have instead of over the counter stuff that’s more general. If you just do things that your doctor says continuously you’ll be better in no time:)

Answer #2

Lol oh thanks! (: my cousin gave me her cold and I need it to be gone by tomorrow, I have a Christmas party I have to go to!!! I was hoping for like a faster way or to see if anyone knew of one you know?? Lol but thanks!(:

Answer #3

Garlic, vitamin C, and loads of water. Take multivitamins and eat really good food. :O Plus there are loads of different meds that you can take, but eating well and drinking lots always helps to make your body stronger. (: And don’t forget to get extra sleep.

Answer #4

Green Tea and alot of rest. Take a day off=)

Answer #5

Unfortunately, you can’t make a cold go away any faster than it takes your body to regenerate, but making sure you’re getting lots of fluids and rest will give your body the strength to fight it off. . In the meantime, focus on alleviating the symptoms by using over-the-counter cold medicines and lozenges. A steam bath may help the congestion.

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Thanks Lilly!(:

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