Why am i so shy?

Everything I do I always get shy and for some reason I can't like answer a question without hesutatung can someone please slap me so I can get back to being my usual self?!

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look thanks for your advice but conditions have been worse now I got glasses this morning of april 15th 2008 I can't believe this shi*t man someone call the crazy hospital lol kidding but I am seriously so scared to talk and I hang out with popular kids and its hard to talk to their cute boyfriends without them thinking im flirting and ohsocrazy I think youre funny want to be friends my real name is erlande caceus and im 12 going to be 13 november 18th

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awww. that's cute. and it's something you'll have to outgrow over time.

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I have that same problem somtimes

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Because you always think on what other will think about you. The biggest thing is even other think like you.

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