Help me get over my ex

A 10 month relationship with me and my boyfriend just ended. It tore me apart. It still does. All I can think about is him and wanting him back and it doesnt help that he wants me back either. He cheated on me more than a few times. He just recently addmited it to me. He even had sex wit his ex! I was so shocked when I found that out that I wasnt mad until a few days later. Well hes beggin me for forgiveness and is beein honest and everything for once, but how do I know its not a game? I want to get over him, but I just cant. Hes been locked up for 35 days now and we seem to have gotten closer. Well I wanted the opposite. I wanted to forget about him because he still has 15 days left to go…help me get over this loser!!!

Answer #1

When someones bored locked up, like my boyfriend says [cus he’s been locked up a few times] THEY WILL SAY ANYTHING to get you to talk to them back because they’re so bored out of their mind.

Of course he will continue cheating on you and doing wrongs because when you forget someone after ALL THAT, its like…what WOULDN’T you forgive them for???

It’s good that you made the decision to at least try and get over him. Well, try these things that worked for me…

Seeing too much of his stuff or girfts around? Just send it to a close friend to keep. You can get it back when you recover.

Can’t get your mind off of him just sitting around? Surround yourself with friends and family. Oh, and flirt with other guys. Don’t mean you have to get with them, but trust me, when you’re just talking to the opposite sex and having fun, you’ll forget.

I’ve dated over 10 guys. And had never gotten cheated on. SO TRUST ME, there are much better guys out there. If you don’t forget about this one, you’re never going to experience something real.

Don’t regret this relationship either but be grateful it happened.

A lot of times in life, you need to appreciate the bad things just as much as the good things because if you think about it.. How do you know what happiness is if you’ve never felt sorrow?

Good luck <33

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