Can anyone help me get a job?

iam an ex-felon and need to get a job before I loose my apartment. can’t find a place to give me a second chance because I am a sex offender and though I was the prostitute at the time and my victim was 14 years old male in a totally different area of texas. moved to dallas and need to work. can any one help me. please I do not want to be homeless.

Answer #1

If you do not have a parole or probation officer anymore, the best jobs that you will be able to find are “blue-collar” jobs such as, oil fileds, contruction, etc. You can also have some luck if you go to privatly owned businesses instead of corportaions because the owner can decide whether they would be willing to hire a felon or not on their own judgement.

good luck.

Answer #2

Do you still see a parole or probation officer? They might be able to lead you to some resources.

Answer #3

Sorry but there is nothing we can do to help you, you’ll have to figure it out on your own. There may be some local programs that could help you.

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