Please help me get over my ex!!

Well me and my ex were together for 5years on and off and 2years ago I found out he was cheating on me. It was the worst time in my life because I never been through a break up or never got cheated on. Welli never could move on and every single night & day I would cry [every single day] . I looked up advice on the internet and it helped only for a couple of days.I had a best friend to talk to and I tried to get out more but no matter what I always ended up in tears. Well a couple weeks later he text me and of course I text him back because he mad the crying & the pain stop [only for a while] until I found out he was still with the girl he cheated on me with. We argued again and then stopped tlkn for a while then a couple weeks later he text again and this kept happening over and over for about 5 months until I decided to spend time with him which ended up wit him takin my virginity. I ddnt feel guilty at all because it seem like everything was back to normal bt soon after I found out he was still wit her. It may seem like it was obvious for me to find out because he seems so cold but no it wasnt like that. Well now its this summer and he tells me hes not with her and I believe him because hes always begging me to come over and im always with him so how does he have any time for a girlfriend? He would take me out still, we would laugh play games I would come over his house, and we would just hang out all day, he would introduce me to his friends as “wifey” , he called me every nite and text me all day it was perfect. Well recently I checked on myspace and found out he was with her and me and the girl had an argument I havent talked to him in abour 3 weeks. Cutting off communications wit him has been easy but now im obsessed wit looking at there happy photo’s. It makes me so sad bt I cant sure he loves this girl and I also feel he loves me to I don’t know though. all in all its been 2 years since the break up and I cant move on I’ve tried evvverything. Im not giving him any sex all we do is hang out and talk and laugh and touch and feel every now and then but nothing that he cant do im not sure of his reasonings of continuously contacting me. Anybody know.? And what can I do to get over him? Please help.!!

Answer #1

you cun have some fun whith sum one dont get too happy you may wind up in the same boat or you can talk to some people and have some fun if you know what I mean

Answer #2

well ill b honest I didnt read all your story I read about a1/4 of it. Change your number so he cant text you at all. go out with friends, have sex with sumone. dont be clingy. hang with a bunch of people. do things that make your mind go crazy.

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