How can I help my friend get over her ex?

Ok well my bestfriend whos 2 years older then me had a boyfriend And they only saw each other at collage thursday and they were gettin on a lot, And then collage day came saw each other kissed and that, and walked half way home together, and then nxt week at collage he wanted sex with her. But wanted it in a back garden she refused because some1s back garden! But he put his hand down her trouse’s when she told me I dint like the sign of that I dint like it, ( I don’t trust him and I dint like him while they were going out ) I thought he was in it in the for sex, But anyway, then in a week holidays he was going to his cousin party With a load of his mates and his cousins with girls, And he go off with another girl! But he said he was drunk… But my friend love him so much! But she dumped him And then liquid was coming along, and the same girl was going they go off and he go off with other girls and danced with other girls, And then he expect to have her back! Sayin I miss you! And my friend still love him! She keep textin him sayin I miss you I love you I tell her not to! Hes not worth it! I hate him for wht he done I just need a way To stop her from texting him! And liking him!

Answer #1

its hard for your friend , hes probably her first love. you know what they say about good girls being attracted to jerks. just tell your friend that hes not worth it and she can find someone better than him. hopefully she’ll listen to you ,but dont be mad if she doesn’t stop because she can’t stop liking him that easily.

you sound like a good friend and should make her realize the stupid things that idiot does.

hope I helped =]

Answer #2

Okay, first of all I really think that your friend needs to go through this for herself. There is no way to make her get over this douche bag, or even stop texting him. In reality all that is going to happen is she is going to get aggravated with you telling her what is “right” for her and she is just going to tell you what you want to hear, and go behind your back and talk to him. She has to make her own mistakes and learn from them. If she doesn’t she will never learn. You can’t be her savior in this. If he is really the jerk you say he is, she will eventually see that, if she hasn’t already. Sometimes it is hard for girls to push a guy out of our lives because we like them so much, and we believe we can change them. Your friend is going to have to learn that she can’t change this guy. If he doesn’t want to change, he won’t. Just stick by your friend and be there for her through this all. Reassure her that no matter what you support her and will always be there for her when things get tough. That’s what friends are for. To be there when things fall through. To be that shoulder to lean on when all you want to do is cry and vent. Don’t judge her because she is only doing what she thinks is best for herself.

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