Help getting over ex-wife

How do I move on she still wants to see me some and have sex but she still wants to be single.

Answer #1

first off, do you have any kids with her? if not, then, the only real way your going to get over her is to slowly or all at once get her out of your life. if all she wants is “friendship” with sex attatched then she really only wants to have sex with you. that will continually put you in a state of emotional turmoil. think about the reasons you two got divorced in the first place. who divorced whom? was it you that chose to leave or was it her? if it was her then she really wasn’t ready for that deep of a commitment to anyone and probably won’t be for some time. if you do end up talking her into “getting back together”, then it will be you wanting the relationship back and not her. and in that case then you two would still have the same problems that you two had originally, whatever they were. if you do want to rehash things with her and try to salvage what little or no relationship you two do have, then I strongly suggest marriage or couples counceling. but you two BOTH would have to want this. therapy, especially in this, will only work if both parties involved, that being you and the ex, are both willing to try to take that step into repairing a damaged relationship.

I just honestly think that you should, as difficult as it would be for you due to the emotional attatchment you do feel for her still, is to walk away and get on with your life. how do you get over her? try not being around her so much as you can’t get over someone if you are frequently seeing them on a normal (could be) everyday basis.

to help this, think about the reasons she talks to you. does it almost always end up being about the sex? then you are being used. so walk away from this situation and seperate yourself from her. thats the only real way you will truly ever manage (over time of course) to get over her so that you can move on with your life.

Answer #2

thank very much that helps a lot and makes a lot of sense

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