Heaven and Hell

Does the Wicken religion believe in a Heaven and a Hell??

Answer #1

I think you mean Wiccans. No they don’t believe in hell. They believe in reincarnation and that you go to a place called Summerland to reflect on your life and chose your next life and lessons

Answer #2

nope- wiccans do not believe in the trappings of the worlds organised religions.

Answer #3

No, neither does any other pantheist religion or practice they also don’t accept the view of good & evil why do you ask?

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Answer #5

We DO believe in good and evil. But we do not believe in hell, as we do not conceptualize so-called ‘sin’. Our idea of good is light and human charity, ect, and our idea of evil is any purely negative event that does not have to do with the natural cycles of Mother Earth, such as death or natural destruction. And what do you mean, pantheist? And as for jester_x, opinions often vary greatly. Some believe in a final resting place, likened to heaven, while others believe in reincarnation, the list of beliefs go on and on. I personally do believe in Summerland and reincarnation.

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