felt that your heart was going to like just rip out of your chest?

Have you ever felt that your heart was going to like just rip out of your chest? Like just the pain is way to much?..

Answer #1

If its not emotional then I sugest you go to the doctor and show them how much it really hurts, if its emotional then just keep strong, x

Answer #2

yea actually it happend a few months ago and I still feel the pain… but my heart was shatterd and then stomped on… but im still pulling forward.

Answer #3

do you mean emotionally or physical pain? if its emotional, I always like to distract myself by listening to fast or rock music and groove with it to get the pain out. It would be better but soon the feeling would come back so you would just have to deal with it. Distraction is key !

If its physical, could it be heart burn? Di you oereat at dinner, perhaps? Yeah, I agree with lalah, you shd see a doc asap! :D

Answer #4

yea I’ve felt that way , like a sharp pain & all is it from a past boyfriend or for no reason at all ?

Answer #5

Emotionally, I’ve been feeling that way A LOT lately and it really sucks =/

Answer #6

Mine is like that EVERYDAY,the doctor would NEVER help me,it would just be a waste of time.

Answer #7

I doubt a doctor could fix the pain im feeling..

Answer #8

if you feel that way then you need to go to the doctors asap

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